Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Untried Tuesday

In honor of my new Zoya loves from the Threedom promotion, I'm doing an Untried Tuesday with Tinsley. I paired it with China Glaze "Boo-Gie Down". It's a little bit older (A Halloween 2013 Collection I believe) but it is an unused for me, and the formula is spot on. I wouldn't have bought it if it weren't (Always check your polishes before you check out ladies).   This is going to be one of those polishes that could live through a nuclear meltdown and still be flawless.

The result is to die for. I love "Boo-gie Down" for it's white, gold and bronze hexagonal shapes, jagged black glitter and tons of black/gold micro glitter of varying sizes. This manicure is begging for some steampunk inspired nail stamps. Maybe a well placed gear design. I love it so much.

Some close ups with the macro lens. This manicure just feels like art work to me.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Ulta Clearance Haul: Part 1

Ulta was doing a fantastic clearance event on the professional polishes. Add that with an ulta rewards card (Everyone should have one. They're free) and their handy dandy $3.50 off a $10 or more purchase (Available here or on your Retail Me Not app), I spent $22.  This gives me the feel goods all over.

In the OPI section, I got "I Sing In Color"(From the Gwen Stefani Collection), "Live And Let Die" (From the James Bond Collection) , "Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!"(From the San Francisco Collection), and "Deutsch You Want Me Baby" (From the German Collection).

In the China Glaze section, I got "Tail Me Something" and "Teal the Tide Turns" (From the Sea Goddess Collection), "Isle See You Later", "Cosmic Dust" and "When Stars Collide" (From Their Holographic Collection)

The last grouping consists of Two Zoya's and one ORLY. ORLY "Digital Glitter", Zoya "Chita and Zoya "Kerry"

Stay tuned for more Ulta hauls (hard to believe, but their sale got even better) and swtaching of the above polishes.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Superman Arrives

My nephew, Clark Kent himself, was born this week!  We took the Superman theme seriously.

In celebration I did a quick Super Man manicure. Inspired by these nails at bellasugar.  I didn't have a ton of time and I was anxious to meet my nephew (I skipped 3 Ulta's that were in close proximity to the hospital). I just freehanded it, but it was enough to impress the pants off my brother, SIL and nieces. So I'll still count it as a win.

And because no post about a new baby is complete without baby pictures, here you go.

Let me take a selfie

David and his new cousin.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Untried Tuesday

Still waiting on my stamping supplies. But here is my untried Tuesday manicure for your pleasure. This is OPI "Amazon-Amaz-off" with ORLY FX "Mermaid Tale".  Look at how pretty that is. Aren't they just begging for some fish scale stamping?!?!?

Let me just say how difficult it was to not use ORLY "Sparkling Garbage". Because look at that gorgeousness! But "Sparkling Garbage" is a well used polish round these parts and "Mermaid Tale" was still waiting it's turn.

Top to bottom is "Mermaid Tale", "Green Flake Topcoat", and "Sparkling Garbage". All ORLY.

But I am not sad about the b.e.a-utiful combination that came from this manicure.

And of course my 6 year old wanted in on the picture taking time.  He loves the site of himself.  Just like his father. Of all the things I never expected to be genetic haha!

Also, no ducks were hurt in the making of this blog post ;-)

Friday, July 11, 2014

My adventures in nail stamping!

Things I thought I'd never do.  Measure my nails.  But in the wonderful world of nail stamping, size makes a big difference.  If you know what I mean.

(Pictured Zoya "Payton" with OPI "My Favorite Ornament" as the accent nail)

My first plates are going to be coming from MoYou-London (please note Moyou and MoYou-London are separate companies) My nails are long, yet narrow.  So, per MoYou-Londons specs on their pro plate (04)  "Each design is 1.2cm on 1.5cm." However, the XL (06) says, "Each design is 1.5cm on 2cm."

Things I thought I'd never do. Break out the measuring tape for my nails.

My index finger looks to run 1.1-1.2cm wide. So a regular plate with a good squish stamper should be good.

However, my thumb is considerably wider. Not to mention longer. A full 2cm in length. So an XL plate is going to be necessary for this job.

Let us not forget a very important part of the stamping process.  The stamper itself! I have heard rave reviews of the Winstonia Nail Art Double Ended Large Stamp and Scraper Set. People seem to particularly like the ones that come from Born Pretty Nail Art.  You especially need this stamper if you have curved nails (the squishiness lends itself to odd shapes). Also, if you have in-between sized nails like me, the stamping head can be removed and the image stretched a little before stamping. Gives you that extra centimeter or so of design you need.

I am eagerly awaiting the sound of my favorite delivery men. Stop, ring and run my dears. The ultimate introverts dream. No need for confrontation. Just virtual presents delivered in real life.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

KC Surrogate Snowtacular Meet-up 2014!

Another year, another get together!  This one I labeled "KC Surrogate Snowtacular Meet-up 2014!"  As the title suggests. It snowed. A lot. Some people couldn't make it and a few husbands joined in as their original plan of "drop off" turned into "not going anywhere" but we found they could hang with the best of them. Which should be obvious since they are husbands of surrogates. They've seen it all.

Snow you say? You may be wondering why this post is coming to you in July. Because I say so. And I'm feeling bloggy.

Since we last spoke, I was matched with a lovely single man who wanted a baby. And he wanted it right now. That ended up clashing when he wanted to veto my OB choice for being "too vbac friendly". But, all ended well and I happily was able to sever ties to that particular agency. Agency owner was nice, but I get the feeling she was buried in a mountain of work and desperately needed help. At that point where you have to pay the price of success by hiring more staff. I was half way through the process of signing up with a new agency when my mothers cancer became terminal. At that time, I stepped away from surrogacy, as the responsible thing to do was focus on my family.

I'm finally at the point where I'm becoming active again and looking at all the possibilities.  Never sure what's around the corner.  I'll leave you with a picture of the gang from February. We have since pledged to move our get together to the summer time.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KC Surro Get Together

Went to my 3rd annual KC surro get together and 4th surrogate meet-up overall and had a blast, as usual. The location was the same Olive Garden SO and I had our first date at once upon a time. When compared to all the pregnant ladies we had last year, no one was pregnant or even cycling at the time of the meet up. So we all took advantage of the situation and had wine with dinner :-D

We had one GS, who is now retired, one of my fellow October cycling buddies (who didn't get pregnant that cycle and her last IP's just broke off their match because of financial issues but is hoping to match again soon), myself who is possibly matched with an IP (Shhhhh) a lovely TS who I believe is matched again, and a few new to the game girls who are going through the matching process.

Even having been through this once before, I always feel like I'm learning. Getting everyone together is  so great. We talked and talked and talked. Had a lot of laughs and briefly considered offering condoms to the table of teenagers who were obviously dressed to go to a formal dance. We were a little fearful of being flashed by the girls dresses (or lack thereof ;-) ). As we were walking out, I shrieked that I almost forgot to get a picture (one person managed to escape before the camera came out lol).  Good times. We always say we're going to get together more than once a year but then January rolls around again and I set up the next meet up.  One of the girls just moved out of state but I hear she'll be in town sometime this summer.  Might be a good excuse to get together again.  Here's the picture (forgive the goofy look of the short girl in the gray coat ~ahem~ me. It was the only picture that didn't turn out blurry.